My Philatelic Profile

Some aspects of my philatelic life:

1.Entered the philatelic World in 1958 as a pupil in that very prestigious Secondary School in Nigeria - King's College, Lagos - with Stamp Approvals from U.K and membership of the Stamp Bug based in UK.


2. Joined the International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors in 1975.


3. Joined the West Africa Study Circle/UK in 1996. Still very active and of good standing.


4.The first Nigerian Account Holder(Account No.7) with the Nigerian Philatelic Bureau,GPO Building,Marina - Lagos, Nigeria in 1969.Still very active and of good standing with the Bureau.


5. published probably the first indigenous/private philatelic magazine in Nigeria - Moz Stamp News in 1978.


6.Discovered various varieties, errors and postal forgeries - some of them have been listed in the various editions of Stanley Gibbons Catalogue.  Some have been sold in West Africa Study Circle Auctions e.g. 1986 2n definitive(SG525) with black flaw under 2 (2); 1986 n10 Lekki Beach definitive(SG525b) with missing top inscription;  1986 n20 Kano definitive postal forgeries used by 419 advanced fraudsters to post their nefarious letters abroad. Proof sheets of: Gorilla set (SG852-855) referred to in footnote; EFCC set (SG856-858) referred in footnote; Olympics 2008 (SG859-861) including the ₦100 variety and ₦20, ₦50 variations noted by SG.


Also identified items not available through normal channels: commemorative s - World Cup 2010 (SG867-869), UPU Congress 2007 (SG851b-851g), SG741a used as definitive and scarce 2010 definitives n20, n30 and n50 (SG888, 889, 892), SG525fa (n500) I discovered some of the SG listed perforation varieties from the period 1998-2001.


8. I have supplied collectors and dealers with items like Biafra postal issues, definitives, commemoratives and miniature sheets on general release including items listed above which were not supplied by NPS World Cup 2010 (SG867-869), UPU Congress 2007(SG851b-851g), Proof sheets of: Gorilla set (SG852-855) referred to in footnote; EFCC set(SG856-858) referred in footnote; Olympics 2008 (SG859-861) including the n100 variety and n20, n50 variations noted by SG; Scarce 2010 definitives n20, n30 and n50 (SG888, 889, 892); SG909 proof sheet printed on gummed side.


I was able to offer plate blocks of many commemoratives of the period 1985-2000; Registered envelope 27k surcharged n170; Plate blocks of definitives SG525e, 525f, 525fa not supplied by NPS; Postage due sheets SG D11a, 13a, 14a and D15/16.


A range of commemoratives with SG listed perforation varieties from the turn of the century and SG741a used as definitive. None of these could be supplied by NPS.


I have been a reliable supplier of new registered envelopes and aerogrammes.


Recently discovered NIGERIA: SG890. Mint n50 Nok Terracota stamp showing spectacular error. Lower layer of hologram apparently in place, top layer missing except for right-hand edge.


9.Wrote a lot of articles on junior stamp collecting/philately in various past Nigerian National Newspapers/Nigerian Tribune and Sunday Sketch.


10.Founded and formed several Stamp Collecting Clubs in various Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria between 1975 and 1980 - Staff School, UI, Ibadan; International School, UI, Ibadan; Queen's School, St Louis College - all in Ibadan. at least 25 Federal Government Secondary Schools based in Lagos/King's College my Alma mater: Ijaniki, Warri, Benin, New Bussa, Owerri. Abuloma, Sokoto, Port Harcourt just to mention a few.


11.Written two books one on Junior philately - "The Basics of Stamp Collecting For The Beginner and the other 'Guide To Money Making In Postage Stamp'.


12. Now promoting philately and other hobbies particularly among the Nigerian Youths and Elders who show interest.


13.Now teach philately, numismatics, postcard, phonecard and philatelic trading to various interested age-groups in Nigeria.


My gratitude goes to Mr Raymond Harris of The West African Study Circle a very good friend and mentor friend and mentor.