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Infidelty: How I Solved The 'Infidelity Crisis' With My Spouse.

Posted by moseszee on July 13, 2016 at 10:30 PM

Infidelty: How I Solved The 'Infidelity Crisis' With My Spouse.

I have now come to realise that infidelity is the greatest bane to a very good and lasting relationship. A loving and committed love mean that I must forget all other women for my chosen love.

By having 'a fling', i have broken the bond of trust and brought unto surface a lot of emotions some of which were negative and equally damaging to the future of my relationship with my spouse.

It was at the 50th birthday party of a bosom friend that the unfortunate incident happened. The party was a gathering of the city 'Big Boys'. We had a lot to eat and plenty to drink. It was at the party that i met my long lost girlfriend. A meeting which also turned out to be a sort of happy re-union but later a doom. Also present was my wife best friend. A woman who had been making passes at me over a period but snubbed.

Under the influence of alcohol, I decided to have 'a fling' with my former girlfriend in my car which later proved to be my undoing.I was caught, filmed and photographed by my wife's best friend. An opportunity for her to have her revenge for my snubbing. I did know not when all these took place. I was lost in vanity of the temporary lust.

The bubble burst a week later when my wife confronted me with the video and photographs of my so called 'act of indiscretion' in my car. I had no excuse to negate my wife's confrontation. She was full of rage and told me in a plain language that I have lost her trust and respect for me.

My 'fling' was never a way of telling my spouse that something was wrong with either her or our relationship. Rather I accepted full responsibility for my act of indiscretion. I did not resort to any emotional blackmail or put any blame on my spouse. I did not make her feel any sense of guilt.She had not done anything to warrant my this act of indiscretion. I was indeed very sorry.

How then do I solve the problem?. I opened a line of communication and I was very honest about it. I accepted full responsibility. I made her understand she was not to be blamed in any way. I made her realise that while some things may go wrong in a relationship, a let of good things do occur. I made her realise that we should focus on those positive things.

I played on her emotions reminding her of the negative effects some of her actions might have on our children. I got some very closed members of the family to talk to her. I introduced sentimental and emotional ethical bribe. I added new experiences and pleasures which we might otherwise have missed out. After sometimes, normalcy came in and we have since lived happily thereafter.

We all deserve to be in a happy, loving relationship with a partner who loves and accepts us for the person we are. We should never be afraid to speak about our feelings in a calm, considerate way with our partner. After all, we are in a relationship with an equal say on how it's run and what goes on in it. Compromise must therefore be our watchword. Communication and trust are the keys to a healthy, happy relationship.

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